Replacement Conservatory Roofs and Your Options

A conservatory can be a great addition to any home. It provides an ideal and comfortable place where you can entertain your family and friends, or just spend some quality time by yourself enjoying a good book or a hobby. When it comes to replacement conservatory roofs there are quite a few options that you can go for. The following are going to be your options when opting for a replacement conservatory roof for your home.

Conservatory Roof Options

Tiled Roof

A replacement conservatory roof with a solid tiled roof consists of installing rafters and batons in place of the existing conservatory roof framework. This makes it easier for the installer to fit in a new false ceiling, which is then plastered and decorated. The entire process of installing a tiled roof conservatory can take up to three days. But, the downside of a tiled roof is that it adds to the weight, which makes it unsuitable for most conservatories, mainly because a conservatory is not designed to handle additional weight. This often leads to the structure of your conservatory being compromised, which could lead to a collapse. Since a tiled conservatory will require a new conservatory roof replacement you could also need planning permission.


Fiberglass is a popular option when it comes to conservatory roof replacement. That’s because it provides the home with a bespoke design that’s aesthetically pleasing, and offers a great view of the outdoors, which is one of the main reasons why many homeowners prefer fiberglass for a conservatory roof.

Blue Glass

Blue glass conservatory roofing acts as a great alternative to ordinary glazed conservatory roofs. While a blue glass conservatory roofing system usually costs more than the traditional glass option, it is unmatched when it comes to aesthetics and visual appeal. The main difference with a blue glass conservatory roof is that it allows light to radiate through, while from the exterior the appearance of this conservatory is similar to ordinary glazing. The subtle blue hue that is radiated through the glass offers a soft appearance and makes the conservatory seem more inviting. Besides, the blue glass helps keep the harmful UV rays out and also keeps the interior temperature regulated since it uses an improved thermal insulation as compared to regular conservatory roofing options.


If you are looking for conservatory roof replacement that will fit your budget then the polycarbonate roofs should be right up your alley. Polycarbonate conservatory roofing systems are considered to be the cheapest option around. This roofing system is normally available in 16, 25 and 35mm depending on personal preferences, and comes with a total lifespan of 15 years. While a conservatory roof made of polycarbonate does not offer much in terms of thermal insulation, they usually get warm during the summer and cold during the winters. During rainy season, polycarbonate roofing systems also tend to get noisy. But, getting a conservatory roof insulation will save the polycarbonate from developing cracks and leaks with time and will also help keep the temperature regulated.


Back in the 90’s when conservatory roofs were first introduced in the UK, planning regulations required them to be at least 75% translucent. But, these laws changed in 2010. Since then, blinds have become a popular alternative to enhancing the look of a conservatory. When it comes to a conservatory roof insulation, blinds help protect against strong glare and UV rays from the sun, especially during the extremely hot summer months. But, during the winter season, blinds offer little heat retention, which often times results to the homeowners having to deal with a freezing cold conservatory. Blinds also cause condensation and become easily dirty with time. This is why a conservatory roof insulation can ensure that your conservatory remains comfortable all year through. Regular maintenance carried out after frequent intervals can reduce the extra costs of utility bills, and ensure that your conservatory is able to last longer.

Are Conservatories Safe?

Regardless of the type of conservatory roof replacement you go for, one of the main concerns of homeowners is whether a conservatory is safe. A conservatory roof replacement that’s been carried out by professional installers will ensure that you get the design and quality you are looking for. But more importantly, that the conservatory you have installed is as secure as any other access point in your home. Some of the best ways to enhance your security when getting a conservatory roof in Buckinghamshire is by installing internal beading, using toughened glass, force resistant hinges and advanced locks. When it comes to locks there are plenty of options from which to choose from, and the installer of your conservatory roof in Buckinghamshire is safe and secure. Building regulations also state that there should be an internal barrier between the conservatory and the main area of your home, so that those doors are kept secure too.

Replacement Conservatory Roof for your home

Another alternative to getting a new conservatory roof replacement is by adding extra insulation to the existing conservatory roof. This will make the area more comfortable by regulating the temperature, so that the heat is able to stay out during the summer and the temperature remains warm during the winter. But, there are quite a few challenges to getting conservatory roof insulation as well. For instance, thermal expansion and contraction is known to move the framework of the conservatory. Once the conservatory is moved, it leaves small gaps which let in heat or cold depending on the weather outside. Furthermore, this movement can also cause small cracks in the plaster, leading to further costs. Condensation is also another factor of conservatory roof insulation, especially during the winter months, which in turn can lead into the insulation and the plasterboard ceiling. This is why it is crucial to hire a professional conservatory roof installer for conservatory roof replacement or conservatory roof insulation. The experts at Warm Conservatory Roofs use thick layers of insulation, making sure that the conservatory remains at a desired temperature. Your conservatory will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


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